Sent: 2/7/2001 12:41:06 PM

Newbie and two lists

Hi all,
I just started this after seeing it on CNN Headline news. Decided to go
to the Geocaching website and take a look, I liked it and its concept.
I even joined the mailing list. Then things started to go wrong on the
mailing list. It looks like very bad PR between and guy named Jeremy
who runs the Geocaching site and a guy named James who had the original
mailing list on Egroups. Which was bought by Yahoo, which some people
did not like yahoo for whatever reason.
So Jeremy gets mad at James and starts a new mailing list and
registration on the geocaching website, while there are over 400 people
still on the original Gpsstash mailing list. Is this right so far?
Well to a newbie this seems very self-destructive for a game based on
the honor system of finding a cache, taking a item and leaving something
in return. In fact I think that Jeremy and James should bury the
hatchet and kiss and make up or whatever.
I plan on staying in this and making some exciting worthwhile caches for
gps users this spring. Especially if you use a mapping Garmin. So my
current solution to this problem is being on both lists in digest and
anytime I respond to something it is going to both lists. Both lists
may not know what the heck I am talking about but I will. So I hope
this war is going to be over soon and you all can get back to be good
sports or should I sportsmen and women. Because your are hurting it
more than you realize.