Sent: 2/7/2001 1:33:35 PM

Re: Micro Stash

There was some discussion about micro caches on the Groundspeak forum
a few weeks ago. Current 'normal sized' caches range from 5 gallon
buckets down to sandwich size ziplock baggies. A micro-cache, imo,
would be something the size of a 35mm film tin. These would make
great caches for urban placement, however, clues to their location
would be paramount along with the GPS coords. Logbooks might consist
of rolled up paper. Hunters can bring their own writing utensils.
Items could be coins, pins, rings, etc. Personally, I think the
satisfaction of locating something this small on a planet this large
would be a blast.


> 2 Liters? Wow! That is BIG!