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Sent: 2/8/2001 3:39:36 PM
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Long posts

From: Randy Hall
>Folks, if I could ask a small favor. For those of us on
>both lists, please don't cross post unless its
>earthshatteringly important ... both lists can be high
>volume as it is.

Probably because a lot of people on this list tend to hit Reply without
culling the message they're replying to. I've seen posts on the list that
have included the previous five posts in the thread, including the post
footers (the bits with unsubscribe, website info etc). For example, in the
latest Digest (221), there's a post about microcaching (message 8) that's
two lines and one word long, but contains three previous posts in their
entirety (over 100 lines of text), including three separate sets of footer.
That's a 50:1 noise ratio (more when you add the 'no, *I* thought of it
first, and I'm gonna take my GPS and go home' crap.