Rob Bumby <>
Sent: 2/9/2001 12:50:44 PM


You know...when I opted to join this club I thought
there would be a lot of people trying to have fun
together and come together as a group. Since adding my
name to this LAME gaming community I have done nothing
but recieve GARBAGE junk mail saying "Im going to do
this... I dont think this person is right,... I have a
better way,... I this,... I that,... I,... I,... I,...
Me,... Me,... Me,... Its all about Me. I was hoping
that when I joined this Joke of a game clan that FUN
would be the biggest point. Its not. There are so many
freaking cry babies that just reading your stupid
E-mails makes me think that the guy who created this
thing is so embarassed about all the dumbasses that
are involved in it. can do it better? Freaking
Do it Better. Dont sit back and bitch whine moan and
groan about whos dumb, stupid, not correct,
wrong..Blah blah blah. How freaking old are you GEEKS?
Grow the hell up...create your own freaking group.
This guy has done his best to KISS..Keep It Simple
Stupid. So, Create to your hearts it ..I
dare you. I'm outta here. Later Loooooooooozzzzers!!!
Dude who created this thing..Keep up the good work..I
just cant be here any more. Good luck with all these

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