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Re: gpsstash in the U.K.

My family and I are headed to your fair countries (Ireland, England,
Wales, Scotland) for a 4-week stint in early summer (June, mostly).
My children and I have done a fair bit of caching here in our area
and would be interested in bagging a couple of sites in your neck of
the woods. We'll be bringing some items unique to our area to leave
in the ones we're successful at finding.

But my real question is this: We'll be looking for some nice places
to stay for a week or so at a time, and I'm wondering if one or more
of you might have some recommendations. Nothing too fancy, but
adequate for 2 adults and three younger teens (11, 13 and 14). We'll
fly into Shannon, Ireland and spend about a week on that island
before sailing for Edinburgh to spend the rest of our time on that
island. I'm a bit concerned about the effect foot and mouth will
have on our travels, but the flight's already booked, so we'll have
to deal with whatever happens to be the current reality. We will be
trying very hard not to fit the typical image of ugly americans.

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> Hi,
> I'm a new joiner from West Sussex in the south of England
> (U.K.)
> Is there anyone out there setting caches in this part of the
> world ?
> Keith McKenna
> Footprints of Sussex
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