Sent: 3/23/2001 8:18:05 AM

leaves a problem?

Since no one is discussing anything else, I was wondering what everyone's
experience during spring/summer were. I noticed that even with leaves gone,
there were still occasions over the last few months when I didn't get a good
signal because of the density of trees. Since many (most?) of us have
started doing this since last fall (November, for me), would one of the old
timers care to comment about difficulties keeping a signal lock while
traipsing through the woods when everything is blooming?

Does all the extra foliage make some stashes more difficult to find? Or is
the effect of leaves negligible? GPS seems to work fine in cloud cover, so
perhaps leaves don't affect the signal? I don't know. Haven't heard
anything about it and was just trying to start a little discussion.

It's a beautiful day here today (Maryland) and I hope it stays that way for
the weekend. Geocaching calls.

Alex Johns