Matt Stum <>
Sent: 3/23/2001 9:09:19 AM

Re: [gpsstash] leaves a problem?

>Since no one is discussing anything else, I was wondering what everyone's
>experience during spring/summer were. I noticed that even with leaves gone,
>there were still occasions over the last few months when I didn't get a good
>signal because of the density of trees. Since many (most?) of us have
>started doing this since last fall (November, for me), would one of the old
>timers care to comment about difficulties keeping a signal lock while
>traipsing through the woods when everything is blooming?

I use a powered external antenna. Eats up the batteries, but it's the only
way in the deep woods. I have one of the low-profile antennas from Garmin,
so I usually just stick it under my baseball cap to keep it oriented and let
the cable run down behind my back and around my waist. Works like a

Also, once you've got a lock, it's usually not too bad to keep it. But if you
turn your unit off and try and re-acquire a lock while in the deep woods it
might be difficult, or at least take quite a bit longer than normal.

Both of my caches in Michigan are deep in the forest, so you have to take
that into account when searching for them... you're going to have to search
a slightly wider area when you get to the coords to take into account
reflectivity of the trees.