Sent: 3/23/2001 1:58:37 PM

Re: leaves a problem?

I haven't had much of a problem this winter, but it's a good question
since we haven't yet done this during the summer. I've got a Garmin
Summit which, as far as I know doesn't have an external antenna
option (I'd get one if I knew where to get it or how to make it). I
have found that once you get in the general vicinity of a cache, it's
good to set the unit down for a few minutes and let it settle in on a
bearing/distance to it, then just wing it. Part of the fun for us
is, once we get in the vicinity, to try to get into the thinking of
the cacher and bag the find without having to use the receiver. That
doesn't always work, but it has made for some interesting debates.