Sent: 3/26/2001 1:14:02 PM

eTrex Waterproof tests

I have the eTrex basic yellow model. It is supposed to be water proof,
but I have found it is really just "very water resistant".

Have been kayaking and boating with it often, and it has ended up in the
bottom of my stuff bag in a small pool of water.

Found water in the battery case when got home. The batteries were wet
& leaking but the GPS is still fine (used bunch times since that
incident). I keep it in a ziplock bag now until I am ready to use it,
then I attach it to a strap on my lifejacket. It resists splashing and
occasional dunking, but sustained submergence will allow water inside
the case.

Absolutely love it: simple, rugged, easy to use, and it WILL allow me to
punch in a coordinate waypoint I haven't visisted yet.

David Routh