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Re: [gpsstash]Waterproof??

Oh yes, the waterproof issue. Garmin insists that they are indeed 100%
waterproof. I insist that my Street Pilot *is* full of water. After a week
of drying out all the pieces after dumping the water out, it does work but
the screen has several horizontal lines across it that makes the screen a
bit hard to read. I plan to have it replaced one of these days.


At 06:37 AM 03/27/2001 -0600, wrote:
> > The fundamental problem is that you can't make anything battery powered
> > truely watertight - the batteries outgas as they discharge.
>I have a couple of truely waterproof flashlights.... but they do have
>extra interior volume to them, I assume to let the gas expand.
> > The tradeoff
> > garmin makes is that their battery compartment is as water resistant as
> > possible, while the electronics compartment is watertight (and even
> nitrogen
> > filled in some cases, I believe).
>That is great news! I was afraid that a leaking battery or water from
>the battery case might destory the unit. Makes me even happier with my

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