Sent: 4/2/2001 4:36:47 PM

Waterproof paper

Hello. After having one of my caches flood, I did some thinking about
placement of the cache and the type of materials used in the cache
itself. I painstakingly scanned in the watersoaked log book for
future viewers. Obviously paper does not hold up to well in damp
locations. I found a source of material that is able to withstand
moister, temperature and physical handling. The material is Tyvek. I
found a good source for the material and I ran it through my printer
for the stash note, and made a log book out of it. Pencils do not
write well on one side, but pens do very nicely on both sides. I used
an ink jet printer to make a stash note. I placed these in the rain
for a day and crumbled it up. I triend to rip it without sucess. The
Tyvek holds up well under the conditions that I place them in.
Anyways I thought I would pass this information on. I was creative in
finding a source of Tyvek free of charge. This stuff recycles very
well so it is abundent in office recyclers. I used a USPS priority
shipping letter that I had laying around.