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Re: Waypoint list....


PanTerra ( can import your Excel
spreadsheet and send it to your GPS. PanTerra is a GPS data manager
for Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance GPS units. It comes with over 1.6
million waypoints. Download a copy at and
try it out.

- Dan Foster, author of PanTerra

> I have a long list of locations in an Excel spreadsheet, that
includes addresses that i would like to convert to waypoints. It's
actually a list of Honda dealers in the USA. It was manually typed
in from a dealer book.
> Is there an easy way to generate a waypoint list without manually
cutting and pasting? I'm looking for something that I can download
into a Garmin III+.
> Is there some way to generate this list automatically?
> thanks for any info.
> The geocaching web page is a real piece of work and a great game.
> Tom Melnik
> Butler, PA
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