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Sent: 5/30/2001 10:13:00 PM

Re: [gpsstash] The Death of Geocaching

Hi Leon, and i will also be looking forward to doing a bit of LD riding in
the new great white, er... green north. zooom, i'm right behind ya leon. :-)


At 08:46 AM 05/30/2001 -0700, Leon Begeman wrote:
>Yeah right, and global warming is a bad thing.
>People adapt. When your scenario happens, the owners
>of the caches will notice no one is coming to them and
>someone else will step in with another (perhaps
>copyrighted perhaps not) website. The owners of the
>caches will send him their information and a new list
>will be built.
>anticipating global warming so I can ride my
>motorcycle into more of Canada and find geo-caches
>that are no longer located in permafrost.


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