Sent: 5/30/2001 9:59:20 AM

The Death of Geocaching

I am sorry to report in the future the death of Geocaching. Why do I
say that? Well there is this guy named Jeremy Irish who made this great
website and put a whole bunch of features in it, then got a whole bunch
people hooked on this new hobby. Then one day in the future it just
stopped. It maybe tomorrow, next month, or a year or two from now, but
it will happen. So what are we suppose to do. Well, people will try to
use the data from the original site but it is copywrited or you can no
longer access it. Even your own coordinates that you put in. It will
then fragment with caches in emails and more in other peoples websites,
but nothing like what it is now. It makes me sad. When one person has
all of the power in something, what is that old saying, absolute power
corrupts absolutely. Now do not get me wrong, I think he has done a
wonderful job on the site and may be a great guy and such. But
eventually he will get tired of this hobby or the work involved will
overwhelm him. I see a few signs of it already like this list, there
was another Email list gps-stash or something, and then he made his own
mail list and that one died. Now we have a problem with maps and such.
Does anyone see a pattern here? What I am trying to say here is there
is no backup, it is all one person who has put in a lot of hard work and
such. But that one person can not live or work forever. I know there
are other dedicated folks out there that love this hobby and do not want
to see it die, maybe they could do something. I am not saying replace
the website in any way. I am just saying have you thought about what
happens to Geocaching when goes down with no backup. It
is a one man show. Well I will tell you. It DIES.