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Re: [gpsstash] Spoilers

It's up to each owner/hider to make it as hard or easy as they wish. In some
spots there are only one or two *possible* places where a cache could be
hidden. Once you've gotten to the co-ords it's fairly easy. However this
particular cache I wanted a bit harder than my other two. There are
literally *dozens* of possible hiding spots there. I would rather keep the
difficulty the same if possible.

When I take a photo of myself with a cache camera I take pains not to
include the actual cache location (off to the side someplace or 180 degrees
from the hiding spot) However, others may not think about things like this
(giving away the hiding location in the picture) in the excitment of finding
the cache, or they may be "newbees" and just haven't thought things thru.

Also, photography is one of my (other) hobbies and some of these cache
camera pics have *scads* of "wasted space" that screams at me to have
cropped ... besides a "cropped" pic is a smaller pic and a smaller pic can
be downloaded faster ;-)

Richard Amirault N1JDU Boston,
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Subject: [gpsstash] Spoilers

> > ...and I've cropped the photos to eliminate extranious
> > matter (and reduce the value of any "hints" the photos may give away)
> >
> Richard --
> Could you give me your perspective on hints, photos, and spoilers?
> I have been uploading my cache descriptions with full details like "At
> this coord there is a sign, 2 feet to north is the cache, visit XXXX web
> page for pictures, maps and more directions". I am starting to wonder
> if I should put all that description in the encrypted section of the
> listings.
> Do you just write the gps coords and then go hunting?
> How many people do?