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Sent: 6/10/2001 6:30:22 PM

[gpsstash] What makes a successful GPS game?

From: "Ed Hall"
>One thing that I like about geocaching, and I think one of the
>reasons it's been successful to date, is the log book. ...
>It's human contact, if somewhat timeshifted...

You've laid your finger on the magic of geocaching. It's the human contact.
The magical feeling that out here in the middle of nowhere, you have found
what someone left for you.

But it doesn't have to be a log book. Some people may find that to be the
best thing. Personally, I spend more time reading the online logs than I
ever do reading the physical log. Others are hooked on the "treasure." Still
others, like me, lose interest in the cache before opening it. *Finding it*
is the thrill. Opening it is anticlimactic. If I'm with my son, I let him go
through the cache, while I'm thinking ahead to the next cache already.

I don't think anything can, or should, replace geocaching for those who
thrill to the treasure or the physical log. But I'm hoping that there are
enough others for whom the journey is enough of a thrill that other forms of
geocaching may arise.
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