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Sent: 6/10/2001 4:32:38 PM

[gpsstash] What makes a successful GPS game?

From: Matt Stum
>With "dashing" you only have to get within 100 meters...

The distance used by Geodashing is arbitrary. 100 meters was chosen because
that's what the Degree Confluence Project uses. Do you think the number
should be more or less?

In future games, if we use human-selected waypoints, I believe the required
distance should be tighter. You would hate for a hunter to miss a really
special waypoint because they didn't go that last 100 meters.

I gave some thought of using the closeness reached as part of the scoring.
For example, your score for each waypoint could be a formula based on
distance. Or maybe getting within 100 meters is good enough to score the
waypoint, but only if someone else doesn't get closer. If someone else
reached say, 50 meters, they would trump the first finder and score the
waypoint themselves. I dropped this idea for several reasons. Verification
is almost impossible. It needlessly complicates what is now a very simple
game. It also might encourage reckless endangerment trying to reach certain
random waypoints.

>I've got some ideas in the works, and I believe one gentleman on one
>of the lists has already come close to what I am thinking about, but until
>the idea is a little more "mature" I'm going to keep working on it.

You've whetted our appetites. Don't keep us waiting too long.
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