"GC Scout" <>
Sent: 6/11/2001 6:48:13 PM

[gpsstash] Re: World Map of caches now online

>In the wrong hands (read Environmentalists), these maps could be used
>as propaganda against the sport.

Your fear presupposes that environmentalists and geocachers are two
different groups of people. In general, that's not true. Remember "Cache in,
trash out"? If you pit geocaching against environmentalism, you've put
yourself at an unnecessary disadvantage.

Second, if the growing number of geocaches ever becomes something that
anyone should feel defensive about, the blame won't lie with Ed's great
maps. He's not placing the caches and he's not soliciting information about
caches others are placing. He's simply providing a graphical way of viewing
data that is already freely accessible to everyone.
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