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[gpsstash] The final note about Vilifying Irish (hopefully)

Hi All,

> > As an aside, I think the hobby would be well served if
> > interested parties would agree on a standard data definition
> > for cache information, and someone would create and maintain
> > a public-domain database that anyone could link to or
> > extract, in order to present or use the data in any way they
> > saw fit.
> I, too, think the hobby would be well served by this. The different sites
> could complement each other, or if there are divergent ideas of the best way
> to present the hobby, they could compete on features, rather than data,
> which is all created by the hobbyists anyway, not the site owners. Such
> openness would speed the creation of new features, for example, Buxley's
> great maps.
> But the likelihood of this is slim.

My website which is due to launch later-this / early-next week will be what you are wanting. A free, open database of caches. The only rule is that you cannot use the information on it for commercial gain. You can use it on your own website, you can use it in your own programs and so on. There will even be a section where you can pull the data from my website so it's all automated (this will be coming once I develop this section).

My website is the answer you are looking for but it will need some help from everyone. I'd like everyone to send their ideas as to what would make a geocaching website really worth while. What would make what's currently out there better, what don't you like about what's currently out there? What other major features would you like to see in the future? So that the gpsstash mailing list doesn't get flooded, please send your emails to I will respond to them personally.

I'd like everyone to know that I'm on your side and want to make this website really work for everyone.

Also, I sent an email earlier which could be seen as vilifying Jeremy Irish. I would like to take back that email. As I was away from home, my emails were late, didn't get sent out on time and I also wasn't fully informed. So, to Jeremy Irish, I'd like to personally apologise, I hope this misunderstanding has not caused any inconvenience. It is important to know however that I still stand by the need for geocaching to be free, for the locations to be free and not copyrighted.

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