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RE: [gpsstash] A philosophical question...

Hi Tim,

Well, you are the first person to have created a cache in the Hawaiian islands. That will always remain with you. But I agree, to which point does it become a new cache.

I guess if you re-create the cache with the same container, contents and the like then it would be like Dolly, the cloned sheep - or was it a pig?

If you give it the same name and update any locations that have it listed, then my personal opinion is that it would be the same cache. Maybe, for the notes on the cache state that it has been moved from it's original location of xx.xxxx...


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Subject: [gpsstash] A philosophical question...

Hi all. I have a philosophical question of sorts pertaining to geocaching.
How far can you move a cache and it still be the same cache?

Maybe a bit of background. In July of last year I placed (as far as I can
tell) the first geocache in the Hawaiian islands. I thought I had it far
enough off the trail that it wouldn't be discovered accidently but still
close enough that anyone with a pair of running shoes and a pint of water
could walk to it and find it.

I just checked it again yesterday and found that it has been 'accidently'
discovered several times by those not out looking for it. These accidental
discoverers have taken it upon themselves to take the treasures and not
leave anything in exchange. I plan to restock it sometime this coming week.

I kind of like the idea of having planted the first Hawaiian islands stash
but I was contemplating the idea of moving the cache to make it less likely
to be accidently discovered. How far could I move it and still retain the
distinction of being the first? At what point of movement would it in
reality be a new cache? Within the EPE of original waypoint? Five feet? Any

I still have to think on this a bit before I do anything but I was
interested in the viewpoints of others.

peace.. tim b
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