Randy Hall <>
Sent: 6/11/2001 6:20:40 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 289

> You've laid your finger on the magic of geocaching. It's the human
> contact.

I think I disagree. I think the success comes from Jeremy's excellent
web site and his promotion of the game to the media. The faux "treasure
hunting" spin hasn't hurt; people, and the media, are enamoured with
"treasure hunting". Some geocachers even believe they will find something
of value in a cache, and this mystery and belief I think aids in the magic.

Letterboxing has the "log book" concept and is geocaching without the gps,
and has been relatively obscure, I think, because of lack of web
resources and media attention (letterboxing has existed in England in
relative obscurity since 1859 with neither). If Jeremy added letterboxes
to his web site, that might take off also. DCP is like geocaching, with
the log book on-line, but no "treasure" (in some people's view). This
indicates the "treasure" aspect is important. DCP also places a very
high premium on being first, letterboxing places some premium on being
first but not enough to discourage others, but in geocaching, being first
is less of a big deal and I think this helps it also.

As for the question of geocaching being banned:

* Georgia State Parks
* Boulder, CO, open space