"cache ninja" <>
Sent: 6/12/2001 11:43:28 AM

RE: [gpsstash] Tyrant Webmasters vs Truth

>One of the reasons this group is getting a lot more traffic than a >month
>ago is because people got tired of their postings being removed >from the
>Groundspeak forums.

also, the GEO list no longer exists so im sure ALOT of people moved over
here from there, GEO being the place where most discussion previously took
place, maybe they didnt make it here if they were aggravated by the Yahoo
crap. i do agree with the previous poster though about the tone here, it
seems very different than GEO for example+dominated by a few people who
while complaining about how someone else controls things, seek to force
their own agendas(this is NOt directed at you Ed, just a general
observation) but whatever, it'll work out...
i didnt know about the forum stuff

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