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RE: [gpsstash] A philosophical question...

Hoiw about placing the coordinates written with a sharpie in an altoid tin
at the original cache site. that way, it's a multi cache. that gives an
extra sense of adventure and any nonGPS owners are screwed. : )

Matt "always thinking" Peckham

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Subject: [gpsstash] A philosophical question...

From: "Tim Billings"
>Hi all. I have a philosophical question of sorts pertaining to
>geocaching. How far can you move a cache and it still be the same cache?

I don't think there's a hard and fast answer. Move it as far as you need to
protect it, without significantly changing the experience of the hunters who

go after it. That could be five feet or a hundred feet. Be sure to change
the coordinates on the Web page and announce the change to warn anyone who
might have saved the old waypoint coordinates. The purists might prefer that

you archive this cache and start a new one, but it's really your call. You
can't please everyone all the time.
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