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Sent: 6/12/2001 3:12:51 PM

RE: [gpsstash] My First Negative Interview !

now there's a blanket statement.

due to the unsafe speeds all mountain bikers travel.

All mountain bikers travel too fast... yeah, that's the ticket. You are
that guy who pulls trees across the trails just to prove a point, huh?
Mountain bikers have as much a right to use the woods as geocachers. They
are responsible for a lot of the trail repair, granted, they can be blame
for a lot of it too, but they are one of the few groups who actually want to
repair the trails. It seems hikers would rather leave them destroyed as
they think it will keep the unwanted groups out.

If you own the land you can kick them out, if it's not your property, who
are you to say who gets to use it? We all pay our taxes (at least we

Rambling... must... stop... Not... related... to... geocaching...

OK, I understand that geocaching can cause detrimental damage to areas, but
the amount is so miniscule compared to as a few people pointed out, our
ancestor's centuries of environmental reaping. To get people to go out in
the woods and explore their beauty is the real goal. If you get 1 converted
hiker from every 20 geocachers, I think it's a good thing. I for one never
saw the interest of hiking until geocaching, and now I love it.

I probably shouldn't state that I go 4 wheeling too, that's sure to get me


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