"Mike Frazier" <>
Sent: 6/12/2001 11:27:18 AM

I thought this was a list about Geocaching, not

Me thinks this whole thing is getting out of hand... Sheesh... Maybe some
of you need to get outside a little more and quit living on the net and
whining so much. Heck, we even have someone else now willing to put up
another geocaching website and now everyone is nit picking his one single
rule. Personally, I don't think there is any site that will make anyone in
this group happy (the original sites were fine with me. minimal and they
had the info, but people bitched about wanting more detail, more maps, and
what not. That was done, and now people think its too much).

I'm a huge supporter of Geocaching and other possible future GPS games, I
personally perfer to receive email list information like this one than going
to web boards (especially when they are monitored and censoring the
messages), but I'm about done with this list. I expect most email lists to
have some noise, but this list is pretty much nothing but noise now...

So how about this list going back to being about Geocaching and not the
" .die.die.die list". If you don't like and
the owner, then screw em and lets continue to build the game here.
Personally, I think the website has done wonders for the game
and all, but I don't agree with some of Jeremy's ideas and policies so I
only use it for a resource (there isn't anyplace else yet) and don't
participate in the web boards anymore.

But pissing and moaning about and the owner does nothing but
turn people off to this list and the game in general.

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