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Re: [gpsstash] Tyrant Webmasters vs Truth

I don't see why he needs to pick a fight over there, then come running back
here to beat his chest, (no matter how true the censorship is on the
Groundspeak forums). If the fight is over there, keep it over there. I'm
tired of hearing it.


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> > Have you ever thought of seeking professional help for your issues?
> Now, now. No need to get ugly. Dave has a point, even if it's couched in
> usual "stir the pot" style... =)
> One of the reasons this group is getting a lot more traffic than a month
> is because people got tired of their postings being removed from the
> Groundspeak forums. For example, a little over a week ago when a certain
> geocaching web site went back online, several posts that mentioned this
> disappeared from the Groundspeak boards within minutes of being posted.
> If that's the way Grounded Inc. wants to run their forums, more power to
> them. I however prefer a neutral discussion board where I can say what I
> please about geocaching and not worry about my posts disappearing into the
> aether.
> Cache on!
> -Buxley
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