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Re: [gpsstash] My First Negative Interview !

Good day Mr. Ulmer--

I don't understand. The founder of the excellent game geocaching is now
critizising it!

Humans have tramped in the forests ever since we "were apes" - haven't we?
What however can damage the environment is the car trip there, so of course
it is recommended to take a bike if one has that possibility.

Still, the world is (should be) a free place, and it is of course up to you
what to say and think about the game.

//Best Rgds.

>From: Dave Ulmer
>Subject: [gpsstash] My First Negative Interview !
>Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 12:16:16 -0700
>Well ya'll drove me to it...
>After some 25 positive interviews on the subject of geocaching, I have
>finally turned negative.
>Interviewed by the New Jersey Star Register newspaper I voiced my true
>concerns about geocaching and the environmental damage that it can
>create. I told about all the censorship on I went on to
>promote my adgenda of providing Approach Codes to geocachers so they
>know what direction to approach a cache so that the land doesn't get
>trampled. I wonder what all they will say...
>It should be published this Sunday, you can get to it from
>and I will post a direct link when I get it.

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