"GC Scout" <>
Sent: 6/13/2001 9:05:26 AM

[gpsstash] Environmental self-policing

From: "James H. Coburn IV"
>I really don't want to become the list COP. But I will in order to
>reestablish calm.

With all due respect, but the emergence of a list cop is probably the action
least likely to reestablish calm.

That said, let's try to steer the topic back to geocaching. Since
environmental concerns keep arising over and over again, why don't
geocachers begin a program to police themselves?

There could be a system whereby caches could get a community seal of
approval by having cache finders check off that the caches found conform to
some well-defined environmental guidelines.

Those that care about such things would have confidence that the caches they
seek are environmentally friendly. Authorities might trust the hobby more in
lands they manage. Keep it all voluntary and those that care less about
environmentalism don't have to saddled with any new rules and regulations.
They can just ignore the checkboxes.
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