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Sent: 6/14/2001 4:28:59 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Warning to Geocachers !

I, for one, would perfer hearing the details to decide if I'm interested
than just the hints you just gave :-)
Tell us about you're new variant.


On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, GC Scout wrote:

> From:
> >Geocaching is a legally flawed game since it provides no means for
> >consent of property owners or ajacent property owners where geocaches
> >are placed. Ignoring the rights, feelings and privacy of property
> >owners is wrong.
> It is up to each individual cache hider and hunter to obtain all necessary
> consent of property owners. This won't prevent abuses, but geocaching is
> similar to hunting, fishing, cross country skiing, etc. in this regard.
> Better education is how you address abuses.
> I've been giving some thought to introducing a variant of geocaching that
> might appeal to those who are just not turned on by some of the
> characteristics of classical geocaching. It would feature leaving no cache
> behind as "trash", limit the environmental impact to any one area, introduce
> some teamwork and competition, make it easier (and cheaper) for everyone to
> hide caches, and more quickly involve geocachers who don't happen to live in
> areas of the country where geocaching has caught on first. Let me know if
> you might be interested in such a variant and I'll provide more details.
> But the variant I have in mind would still exhibit your legal flaw that
> geocachers might still trespass on private property when playing. I just
> don't see how to prevent that in any game that features a playing field
> covering the whole planet!
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