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Re: [gpsstash] open data exchange for geocachers

Around 13:37 on Jun 14, 2001, GC Scout said:

# Go for it. Just keep adding to it to make it the way *you* would like
# a geocaching site to be. I doubt you'll ever get stumped for ideas,
# especially if you keep reading the mailing lists.
# Just to toss out another idea. As multiple geocaching databases open up, the
# community would benefit from a front end that could submit caches to
# multiple sites at the same time and search multiple sites in a single query.

I want to add a simple XML import to go along with my export. I
figure that'd make it very easy to get the data in from sites that
actually want to exchange (I hope there will be more). Ideally, one
should be able to go to any site and see the same data, then get to choose
the one that makes the most sense to him. If mine only makes sense to me,
that's fine. :)

I did the export assuming people would want to to use it for
inclusion in their own site if they didn't want to manage a database. My
(really crappy table) display just performs an export on the fly sorted by
distance from 95051 (unless you specify another point) and uses XSLT to
translate it into HTML. I'll continue to make my site a bit more usable,
but I accept that will never design an interface that is ``good.'' I can
manage and exchange data pretty well, though. :)

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