Sent: 6/14/2001 4:38:14 PM

Re: Warning to Geocachers !

--- In gpsstash@y..., "Andrew J. Lillie" wrote:
> I, for one, would perfer hearing the details to decide
> if I'm interested than just the hints you just gave :-)
> Tell us about you're new variant.

Well... it's not so new anymore. The post you are replying to was one
that I wrote way back on June 4, but it only now showed up on the
list. Why the delay, I don't know.

Go back to my post #1799 and you'll see my comment about this missing
post. Then, go back to #1805 to see my announcement of Geodashing. Or
just go right to the game at .

Since then, I added yet another project, CacheAcrossAmerica, which
can be checked out at .