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RE: [gpsstash] Re: open data exchange for geocachers

If you read a post by me on June 1st, 2001 it states:

'I have been developing a system where multiple geocaching sites can link together and share data.'

So, this plan of sharing data is NOT new. It is already in development.

I do also agree though that maybe a geocaching application would be pretty cool - who will be the first to release one?

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Around 21:31 on Jun 14, 2001, said:

# Better yet, a NAPSTER style engine which would eliminate *any* central
# repositories.

Napster is a centralized database, you're thinking more along the
lines of gnutella, I believe. Gnutella is pretty noisy, but the model
could be made to work if enough people are interested. Instead of looking
for data with a certain name, you could look for data within a certain
proximity of a point and pass around your query to all active cachers.
Either model means that you'd have a different idea of what's available to
you at any given moment. (Napster is central, but the data is essentially
a mirror of the data from any connected client).

Gnutella does have the advantage of not having a single place you
have to go when you're looking for a datum, but I think the disadvantages
outweigh the advantages: each person participating would have to be
running an application and be connected to the Internet at any given
moment someone wanted to access one of his caches.

I think a better model is an application the person runs to
register his point somewhere more centrally, and people are able to see
all the data all the time. A web site is an example implementation of
this model, but some of us are at least as interested in the data as we
are in the sport itself. Right now, the site with all the data wants to
keep it that way, and wants people to use its data in very specific ways.
This is probably fine for the average geocacher, but not for all of us.

I don't think a central repository is that bad of a thing. It'd
be keen if everyone used, for example, my site to dump their data and it
got replicated to other sites from there where each could provide his own
thing (like maps!). It'd be just as great if a bunch of sites got
together and made replication agreements such that anything posted to any
one of the sites would appear on all of them.

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