Sent: 6/15/2001 3:47:05 PM

Approach Codes (why we need them)

Imagine a tiny path through the forest with ferns that almost cover
your feet as you walk. As the trail winds through the forest it
passes a large clearing covered with fern. In the middle of the
clearing is a large log. Sitting on this log gives you a beautiful
view of mountain peaks.

What a great place for a Geocache! The log is only 100 meters off the
trail. Geocacher plants his cache under the log and records the
coordinates for display on the Internet.

...Ten years later...

The clearing is now covered with foot paths approaching the log from
all directions. Ferns are trampled all over the place. Around the log
is a 10 meter circle of mud. Initials of many visitors are carved in
the log, geocache is there but empty...

Don't you just love this sport?