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Re: [gpsstash] Another reason I enjoy geocaching

Excellent Posting!

I am real curious how you would react to the idea of a totally new and
different GPS game that I am developing?

The Wonderts Game identifies those wonderful 'places to be' or 'things
to see' that scatter our globe. In the Wonderts game, just being there
or seeing it is the prize.

Unlike geocaching there is no cache, no prizes, no logs, minimal hunt,
and almost no social interaction with other players. Its just you, your
GPS, and the Wonderts.

In the Wonderts game the only interraction between players is through a
score or ranking put on the wondert itself. From zero to nine, starting
at five, players vote this ranking up or down according to their
personal enjoyment of the wondert. Lower ranked wonderts are eventually

Do you think you would participate in the Wonderts Game?


P.S. To learn more about Wonderts you would need to visit the archives
of the Yahoogroup GPSgames.

charles F simons wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've seen in past messages that there seems to be two
> main reasons geocachers enjoy the hobby. For some
> people everything centers around the hunt. For them
> its anti-climatic to actually open up the cache and do
> the log entering and exchange. Others endure the hunt
> because it gets them to the cache where they really
> get their kicks by opening up the container and seeing
> the varied and interesting things inside. I'd have to
> say I lean a little bit to the former but the most
> enjoyment I get from geocaching is the reading/writing
> of the logs online. I always spend a good amount of
> time doing my log entry after I get back after a
> successful hunt. Then I spend a lot of time pouring
> others entries.
> So Do you have an interesting log entry to share? My
> last one was...
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