Dave Ulmer <>
Sent: 6/15/2001 5:54:34 PM

Re: [gpsstash] wonderts/Approach Codes

Yes, the idea of approach codes originated with the wonderts game. The
wonderts game uses 26 or more classification codes to divide the focus
of the game over a broad specturm of waypoint features. Geocaching Only
focus's on Hidden caches and that is one of the rubs. Hidden caches tend
to imply sensitive areas in previously untraveled locations. The
majority of wonderts are generally well known public places like water
falls, statues, taverns, springs, viewpoints, buildings, businesses and
much more.

Approach codes in the wonderts game will be implemented as a single
special character in the wondert waypoint name. N=north, M=northeast,
E=east, F=southeast, S=south, T=southwest, W=west, X=northwest. This
scheme is not as sophisiticated as the approach code system I plan to
propose for geocaching.


P.S. See the yahoogroup GPSgames for more info on the wonderts game.

cache ninja wrote:
> would wonderts have approach codes?
> either way, whats the difference between a wondert and a "virtual cache"?
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