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Sent: 6/15/2001 8:16:30 AM

Approach codes... why I think this is silly.

OK, so my first cache was planted in a sorta nondescript powerline section
on the border of 2 counties. It's in the center of the powerlines, and I
don't feel this is too hard to figure out if you look at any kind of topo
map. But half the people that have looked for my cache complain about
walking through brambles and stuff to bushwhack to it. Maybe they are
inexperienced cachers, but more likely, I think they are lazy. They look at
a mapquest map and find the nearest road, they then drive to the end of it
and start walking straight towards the cache.

Why is it so hard to do a little research before setting out for a cache? I
didn't put down access points as I felt if you look at the various types of
maps available, you will find several ways to get to this cache from various
directions. Terraserver being the most obvious, I use it to find trails
that are not on any maps. If you don't use terraserver, you should at least
check it out.
One of microsoft's best proucts, and
it's free! from there, you should be able to pinpoint a possible way into a
cache site that is less environmetally impacting. I know I too have done
the bushwhack approach on a few occasions, but if you use common sense, you
can find a trail that leads to within about 150 feet of just about any

Matt Peckham

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