charles F simons <>
Sent: 6/15/2001 2:33:56 AM

Another reason I enjoy geocaching

Hello all,

I've seen in past messages that there seems to be two
main reasons geocachers enjoy the hobby. For some
people everything centers around the hunt. For them
its anti-climatic to actually open up the cache and do
the log entering and exchange. Others endure the hunt
because it gets them to the cache where they really
get their kicks by opening up the container and seeing
the varied and interesting things inside. I'd have to
say I lean a little bit to the former but the most
enjoyment I get from geocaching is the reading/writing
of the logs online. I always spend a good amount of
time doing my log entry after I get back after a
successful hunt. Then I spend a lot of time pouring
others entries.

So Do you have an interesting log entry to share? My
last one was...

--- yrium ---

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