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Sent: 6/16/2001 11:28:51 AM
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Approach Codes, Enjoy!!

OK, Here's the Plan for Approach Codes:

Approach codes are a pair of Degree and Distance numbers like, 210d100m,
for 210 degrees (true) and 100 meters distance. These codes are
referenced off the geocache location waypoint coordinates.

These DegreeDistance approach codes describe a waypoint from where you
should approach the cache. If you have the geocache waypoint set in as
the GOTO waypoint in your GPS then you will be at the approach code
waypoint when your navigation screen reads the same Bearing degrees
(true), and Distance to the cache as the approach code described. Using
this scheme you can find this auxiliary waypoint while still keeping
your GPS focused on the goal.

You can have a Series of Approach Codes like 63d600m,330d300m,5d20m to
describe a route to the cache that avoids bushwacking and cutting across
switch back trails. On a switch back trail your GPS would indicate your
closest approach to the cache being straight uphill. Please do not climb
straight uphill toward a cache, the trampled vegetation will eventually
turn to a washout gully as rain runs down your path.

If you desire, Approach Codes may be converted to actual waypoints in
your GPS by using your Waypoint Projection capability. Simply subtract
180 degrees from the approach code, reference the cache waypoint, and
project the approach code waypoint. I bet you haven't done this before
on you GPS...

Any Questions?