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Re: [gpsstash] Approach Codes, Enjoy!!

same rule applies.. how many people does it take to cause the type of
evidence you are afraid of?

1 person to 1 cache? 2 people to 2 caches? 10 people to 1 cache? 1000 people
to 650 caches? 10000 people to 2000 caches (I think that is the current
distribution, in reality -- I forget..)

You did say, "multiply my experiences by many thousands", as if any
particular geocache (or one of your Wonderts) will get that kind of
traffic... Even if you didn't mean it that way, A little impact spread out
as it is does not cause even an eyesore, much less environmental

Perhaps we must all remember we all are destroying the atmosphere (and
presumably, the earth)with every exhaled breath... That damned carbon
dioxide... Your environmental concerns are a waste of that breath, Dave...
You have probably caused more so-called damage, using your own definition
than ANYONE! (I bring up your digging and trespassing and trampling of
brush again)

Why don't you tell everyone the REAL reason you quit geocaching?

Mike Teague --

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> Hey, Wake up Mike!! I wasn't talking about thousands of people visiting
> one cache. I was talking about thousands of people visiting thousands of
> caches.
> Dave...