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Sent: 6/16/2001 8:19:39 PM

Geocaching Code of Ethics

Geocaching Code of Ethics

All participants of geocaching should strive to adhere to
the following code of ethics.

1. Whether you are placing or seeking a cache, always get
permission from the land-owner before entering their property.

2. Do not place a cache in an environmentally sensitive location.

3. Do not disturb an environmentally sensitive location while seeking
a cache. Go around, or abandon the cache; it's not that important.


Please feel free to send that to and the other web
hosts. It will let the public and newcomers know that we recognize
the issues and what we expect from our participants.

Dave, if you are so environmentally sensitive, why were you
"bushwhacking" through an area? Could you not go around?
That's where the GPS kicks orienteering's butt... the GPS
will always show you your relative position to the target
regardless of what track you take. Contrary to what you've
said, a GPS does not lead you in a straight line only.. it merely
shows you your relative position to the cache. You yourself
make the decision whether or not to proceed in a straight line.
And if you've tried all possible approaches and you still believe
that you will damage the environment THEN DO NOT PROCEED!
No one is holding a gun to anyone's head to find a cache.. there
is no obligation.

Do not give up on designing a method of encoding "approach codes"
or whatever... they still have value in leading someone by the most
scenic route, but do no believe that they will solve your eco-issues.

Couldn't stay silent any longer,
Matt Stum

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