Sent: 6/16/2001 8:08:22 PM

Re[2]: [gpsstash] Approach Codes, Enjoy!!

JHCI> On a scale from say just for kicks from 1-10. 10
JHCI> being extremely sensitive and requiring extreme care on the approach to the
JHCI> cache. 1 being you can drive to it without possibly damaging the
JHCI> environment it is in.

How about 1 being that the environment has already been destroyed and
the cache can be driven to on pavement, destroying fossil fuels and
polluting the air while we're at it?

JHCI> We don't need to create complicated solutions for simple problems.

Agreed. But I think waypoints or routes are much more precise than
the proposed approach codes when a GPS is already in hand. Besides,
providing approach directions still doesn't prevent trespassing. And
as for "sensitive environment areas," if the area is that sensitive,
then the cache probably shouldn't be there in the first place.