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RE: [gpsstash] your cache is how far from home?

My first and only cache and the first in California was less than a 1/2 mile
from my house. It is gone now (robbed) and I am in the process of building
up a new one. I have found the location. Watch out for this one it will be a
GREAT urban Cache.

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Subject: RE: [gpsstash] your cache is how far from home?

> --- Matt Stum wrote:
> for those that have placed caches, how far are
> they away from your home? The two I placed
> are 6 hrs away.

My first cache was placed in northern Idaho (my family has some cabins
at Priest Lake), about 6 hours and 450 miles away from my home. My
second was about 10 miles and 25 minutes from home. The closest I've
placed is about 5 minutes from home. With one exception, all of mine
fall either within a half hour drive, or greater than a 4 hour drive!
If you are interested, you can see the distribution at -- just click
on the Washington map and look for the blue dots.

Jon (Moun10Bike)

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