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RE: [gpsstash] (unknown)

Around 14:51 on Jun 18, 2001, Rick Bobbitt said:

# I like the open design and XML export.
# Could you add the cache logs to the XML export?

Yeah, I want to do that. I should do that today, since I'm just
kind of sitting around bored. :)

# Also, I saw this about an XML variant that can encode points and routes,
# called
# Navigation Markup Language (NVML), you might want to take a look at that:


OK, this sounds like an excellent thing to look at, I'll give that
a look.

# When can we log in to your site and start adding points?

It's open to the public since day one. Login, drop points, enjoy.

I've been working on the polygon stuff I added here. The night
after someone pointed out the polygon stuff at tiger to me, I dumped the
state data into my database and made a simple point-in-polygon match to
tell in which state a point lives. I haven't got around to dumping any
more polygons in there yet (too much of an effort to download, heh), but I
intend to get as many as I can and show overlapping matches ordered by
approximate polygon area. Yeah, I know, it's all been done before, but
not by me. :)

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