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RE: [gpsstash] your cache is how far from home?

that's an ingenious way to do caching! Alphabetically! is everything in
said caches also letter specific?


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Subject: RE: [gpsstash] your cache is how far from home?

> --- Matt Stum wrote:
> for those that have placed caches, how far are
> they away from your home? The two I placed
> are 6 hrs away.

My first cache, "'A' is for Alum", is about 10 miles from my home.
"'B' is for Beachhead" is about 40 miles away.
"'C' is for Cavedwellers" is about 100 miles away
"'D' is for Desert Phone Booth" is 300+ miles away as the GPS flies and 500+
miles away as the car drives.
Finally, "'E' is for Expedition" is about 35 miles away.

My planned spot for 'F' is about 200 miles away.


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