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RE: [gpsstash] The Death of Geocaching

Hi all,

I have actually developed a Geocaching Web site similar in purpose to Jeremy Irish's website. It was due to launch a few months back but finances cut it off. I have recently taken on a new role at my job which pays more. I didn't think of launching it because Jeremy's site already had so much of a staghold on the game.

If people are interested I will launch the site. Why would you want another site? Well, unlike Jeremy Irish's site, everything would be free and open to all. Eg. you want a copy of all the coordinates I have in my database? Fine, I give you access to it.

I have even been developing a system where multiple geocaching sites can link together and share data.

If people are interested and know where I can get cheap hosting that would give me ASP and SQL Server access, please say! I'm more than happy to get this baby up and running!!

Geocaching will NOT die. Especially if people like me are willing to keep it going.

J Hurst

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Subject: Re: [gpsstash] The Death of Geocaching

Yeah right, and global warming is a bad thing.

People adapt. When your scenario happens, the owners
of the caches will notice no one is coming to them and
someone else will step in with another (perhaps
copyrighted perhaps not) website. The owners of the
caches will send him their information and a new list
will be built.

anticipating global warming so I can ride my
motorcycle into more of Canada and find geo-caches
that are no longer located in permafrost.

--- wrote:
> I am sorry to report in the future the death of
> Geocaching.

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