Robert Marley <>
Sent: 6/21/2001 3:20:54 PM

Re: [gpsstash] "tv news story"

When will it get to the point that there is too much press? Overtime I
read the paper there is another article about Geocaching. Not that I
don't want other people to have fun, but some time it will reach a
saturation point so every time you step into the woods, there are 4
other people geocaching. It may also effect the areas that people place
caches. I enjoy the sport, but when you get everyone and their brother
involved it can only lead to problems. Some people are not very
respectful of nature as others.

Robert Marley

cache ninja wrote:
> from the NE forums, which don't get too much action, thought i'd post
> it
> here in case anyone is beginning to wonder when the
> press
> stuff will stop already.
> "I'm a reporter at the Fox t.v. station in Washington, DC. We're
> working on
> a story about geocaching. I'm searching for people in Maryland, DC, or
> Virginia who would be willing to chat with us about this high-tech
> adventure. Please contact me ASAP. E-mail me at or
> call
> me at (202)895-3195. Thanks and happy hunting! "
> ps Dave Ulmer, i read your "1st negative interview" you posted about
> here, i
> think, in the Star Ledger? good job! heh.
> c/n
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