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Re: [gpsstash] CNN Headline News Story

Depends on how many people actually view the particular story... (YOU WOULD

Our original New York Times article (perhaps one of the most widely
circulated publications in the country) didn't generate very much activity
at all -- and it was a full page with big pictures on it! In fact, I think
it took a few weeks for the cache mentioned in the story to even get a

On the other hand, at about the same time, we got probably 100 new
geocachers from the first article...

Somewhere along the line, a lot of local newspapers and TV stations started
picking up on it and started doing their own stories, and that seems to have
attracted the most people...

The question has been asked on the forums a couple times... I
never bothered to look thru each and every response, but it does seem most
people heard of it through their local newspaper...

We did already have a CNN story done that was broadcast on at least CNN, and
CNN Headline News... I have it on tape! If they've done a new one, I need to
find it!

Mike Teague --

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Subject: [gpsstash] CNN Headline News Story

> Just saw a CNN Headline News story about Internet tie ins with
> movies, and GeoCaching was mentioned with the Planet of The Apes and
> Project APE GeoCaches.
> I wonder if these stories really increase GeoCaching?
> Rick
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