Sent: 6/2/2001 6:52:56 AM

RE: The Death of Geocaching

First I would like to say I think competition is great, and it makes
products better. I think you should launch your site, and good luck
with it.

> From: Jeremy Hurst
> I have actually developed a Geocaching Web site similar in purpose to Jeremy
> Irish's website. It was due to launch a few months back but finances cut it
> off. I have recently taken on a new role at my job which pays more. I didn't
> think of launching it because Jeremy's site already had so much of a staghold
> on the game.

So what you are saying is that because you don't think there is that
much money in geocaching, you haven't launched your site ???

So if in the future you aren't bringing in the revenue from it, your
site will definately die?

> If people are interested I will launch the site.

So if they loose interest, or you don't get the volume of traffic you
want, your site will die?

> Well, unlike Jeremy Irish's site, everything would be free and open to
> all. Eg. you want a copy of all the coordinates I have in my database? Fine, I
> give you access to it.

Last time I checked, Jeremy's site WAS FREE.
He didn't charge me a dime to send me an automatic email that there was
a brand new cache 11 miles away from my home. Didn't charge me a nickle
to list my geocache sites. Didn't charge me a penny to update the
visitor log online.

> Geocaching will NOT die. Especially if people like me are willing to keep it
> going.

You are absolutely right, but I don't remember Jeremy asking permission
or seeking popular votes before his site was launched. If you are going
to do it, then just do it man! Be dedicated! Get in there and make
something worth taking the time to dual register all of our cache sites.

I don't know how you are going to make a better site than Jeremy has,
but if you really do have a better mouse trap, and are dedicated enough
to put in the effort without (or with very little) reward to building
the site and promoting it, then you will probably gain sizable traffic.

Good luck, I look forward to seeing your site.
(I am not being sarcastic, I truly look forward to it).

David Routh

ps - what domain name have you registered to launch this site at?