Sent: 6/2/2001 12:00:19 PM

Dave's Monkey Hunt...


Since my log of winning the A.P.E #2 cache hunt was censored off of, I thought I would make just a few comments here in
hopes of a little more tolerance of my views.

Here is what I said that was censored: (I hope I remember exactly)

"Yep, I got there first! Dave Ulmer Creator/Inventor of Geocaching
found the A.P.E #2 cache all by myself... I would tell my hunt story
but this web site would then claim Copyright on my work as they have
done with Geocaching itself... Dave Ulmer, Creator"

I wonder if Jeremy can monkey with what I just said over here?


Back to some old history, I gave up on Geocaching many months ago
when I realized that it was a flawed idea and I am sorry I ever
thought of it. The problem with Geocaching is that it totally ignores
the rights and feelings of ajacent property owners on who's property
cache hunters tromp. The Monkey Hunt cache #2 is a case in point.

A.P.E. cache #2 is in an extremely sensitive environmental wildlife
refuge on one side and private property on the other. The closest
approach by car leads you to a trail that trespasses on private land.
If you don't drive all the way to the trailhead you end up cutting
across an environmentally sensitive wetland. I expect that we will
see the area quite well trampled before the game is over.

I have been quiet about my concerns about Geocaching for many months
now but maybe the time has come to speak up again. I do think it is
possible to create a environmentally responsible GPS game and will do
my best to help develop one. I have removed all my geocaches and will
start over from scratch.