"GC Scout" <>
Sent: 6/2/2001 8:54:05 AM

[gpsstash] RE: The Death of Geocaching said:
>So what you are saying is that because you don't think there is that
>much money in geocaching, you haven't launched your site ???

He's saying he couldn't afford the hosting site fees. That's all.

>Last time I checked, Jeremy's site WAS FREE.

Same here. I wish Grounded Inc's site would make some kind of commitment to
keep it free. I fear that someday it will become a fee-based service, but
only after it has built up an insurmountable collection of data submitted by
people assuming they were contributing to a free service.

>Get in there and make something worth taking the time to dual register all
>of our cache sites.

With cooperation from Grounded Inc, you wouldn't have to dual register. The
various sites could share all this freely submitted data, saving GPS stash
hiders a lot of trouble. Also, the sites would compete on features, not on
who can corral the most data, which is all public information anyway.

>Good luck, I look forward to seeing your site.

So do I.
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